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Compact cameras

Fosicam FC1-45 3-axis handheld brushless gimbal for compact cameras

3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer

32-Bit Encoder

3-Axis 360° Rotation

Price: $399.00




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  • Features
    1. Product weight: 1.14Lb/520g
    2. Payload weight: 0.27Lb/125g -1.43Lb/650g

    3.10hrs operating time
    4. Buttons collected on the same side of joystick to ensure more smoothly controlling. 
    5. The flat large area of the four-way joystick makes it easier to control direction and speed precisely. 

    Support below cameras:

    ·         Supports All Smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, VIVO, Huawel, OPPO, Mi Series and so on

    ·         Supports All Sports Cameras: Gopro hero 5/4/3, Gopro Hero session, Xiaomi Yi, SONY X3000R, HDE-AS50R and so on

    ·         Supports Sony DSC Series(RX100,HX60,HX90,w830,wx350,RX1R,RX100)

    ·         Supports Mirrorless cameras: SONY ILCE Series (6000L,5000L,6300L,7RM2,7k,6300L,5100L,6000L,5000L) Panasonic Lumix DMC (GF8,GF7,GX85,G7,GX8D) Canon EOS (M3,M10) ILCE-6000L, ILCE-6300L,6000L

    ·         Supports Canon, Nikon, Lumix DMC Series, Leica Series

    Package Includes:
    1* Fosicam FC1-45

    1* Battery Charger
    1* USB reacharing Cable for Sony camera
    1* Phone Clamp
    1* Storage Box
    1* portable bag

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